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Would professional photography be an asset to your company?

  1. Do you have a company or personal brand that you are trying to establish or grow?
  2. Are you in need of high-quality images for your website, social media, or marketing materials?
  3. Are you looking to create a cohesive visual identity for your company or personal brand?
  4. Do you have an upcoming event or product launch that you need promotional materials for?
  5. Are you in need of professional headshots for your company, team and/or personal brand?
  6. Do you want to showcase your products or services in the best possible light to potential customers?
  7. Are you looking to create a strong first impression with potential clients or customers?
  8. Do you want to stand out from the competition with high-quality, professional images?
  9. Are you looking to establish your personal brand and create a professional online presence?
  10. Do you want to create a professional image for your company or personal brand that reflects your values and personality?
  11. Do you have a team who works remotely, in multiple locations or even international teams around the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be worth considering professional photography to support your company or personal brand goals.

Some of the companies that we have worked with include...

project brief: professional headshots and a team building experience

both captured virtually

project brief: team headshots to use on their website, annual retainer

captured virtually 

project brief: on-location brand sessions at their salon

captured in-person

What clients have said...

Are you looking for a unique way to bring your team together and boost team spirit?

Look no further than our unique virtual team building photography experiences!

Utilising the latest virtual photography technology, your experienced photographer will guide your team through a fun and interactive photoshoot session, all from the comfort of their own workstation or company office space. No need for costly and time-consuming travel – just log in and get ready to bond with your colleagues while creating lasting memories... and the best bit? This can be arranged for each location so no international travel needed!

Not only will your team have a blast participating in the photoshoot, but both everyone will also walk away with professional-grade images that they can use to promote your company and its team culture. Imagine the publicity this can create!

Our virtual team building photography experiences are fully customisable to meet the specific needs and goals of your organisation. Whether you're looking to improve communication and collaboration, celebrate a company milestone, or simply have some fun during the holiday season, we've got you covered.

Don't let pandemics, recessions or other constraints hold you back from bringing your team together. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual team building photography experiences and how we can help you achieve your company objectives.


Which do you prefer - a virtual session or a traditional on-location photoshoot?

You know you need professional photos but are unsure whether to go to a studio or hire a photographer to come to you.

In-person sessions can be taken either at a venue we hire, your offices or in a location of your choice that has meaning to you and matches your brand perfectly. Sessions can be held inside or outdoors, depending on weather.

Should I choose an in-person session rather than a virtual or studio-based photoshoot?

In-person sessions give us time to get to know each other and allow us to coach you easily so that we get the very best photos to meet your brief, BUT... HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT A VIRTUAL PHOTOSHOOT?

There are several benefits to conducting a virtual photoshoot for a company:

  1. Cost-effective: A virtual photoshoot can be more cost-effective compared to a traditional photoshoot, as it eliminates the need for travel, accommodation, and other expenses.
  2. Time-efficient: A virtual photoshoot can be completed in a shorter time frame compared to a traditional photoshoot, as it eliminates the need for setting up a physical location and transporting equipment and personnel.
  3. Convenient: A virtual photoshoot can be conducted from any location with an internet connection, which can be convenient for companies with multiple locations or for those who want to conduct the photoshoot remotely.
  4. Flexible: A virtual photoshoot can be easily rescheduled or modified compared to a traditional photoshoot, which may require more advanced planning and coordination.
  5. Sustainable: A virtual photoshoot can be more environmentally friendly compared to a traditional photoshoot, as it reduces the carbon footprint associated with travel and the use of physical equipment.

Whether you are confident in front of the camera or prefer to be behind the scenes, we can work with you to make the experience memorable and fun (this is Joanne's superpower!) Often her clients comment afterwards how her calm and friendly manner has melted away years of anxiety about being photographed, which results in photos that they love and are proud to share with the world (well maybe just your audience). 



Behind the scenes from a virtual team building experience in South Africa. 

I want to know more!


Joanne Moorhouse is an award-winning corporate and brand photographer who specialises in helping individuals and companies create authentic and compelling images through virtual photoshoots. With a focus on medium to large companies and holiday property owners, Joanne helps increase visibility and build trust with her clients' audiences. In addition to virtual photography services for the convenience of global clients, Joanne also offers on-location sessions within Yorkshire, England. With over 20 years of professional experience in the industry through volunteer work, freelance assignments and now as Founder of Joanne  Moorhouse  Photography & her new specialty business The Virtual Tog; Joanne is skilled in capturing images that bring her clients personalities and stories to life. 

Joanne is also passionate about animal welfare and the environment, and enjoys working with clients in the animal care and other industries that share her values. Through the incorporation of virtual photography into her business, Joanne has taken her business global, become a thought leader (and soon to be published author), and grown her business even during a worldwide pandemic and recession, and takes the skills she has learned to help build the service she offers her client. Creating a one-stop collaborative service to meet all her clients needs through collaborations in areas she does not focus in to make her clients day easier. 

Mission Statement: 

At Joanne Moorhouse Photography, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, providing a reliable and consistent photography service that empower them to confidently and effectively promote their company. We are committed to listening and collaborating with our clients to ensure we provide the best solution for their needs, while taking the time to understand their company and any concerns. We are dedicated to providing an efficient and convenient service that allows our clients to feel confident in front of the camera and get the results they seek. We strive as a business to do our part in helping be climate friendly and do most transactions digitally, only printing when it is absolutely necessary.

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